Local Show - Julia Veenstra's Square Foot Show


How is it approaching the end of November already?

My mind is spinning with the fact that the countdown to Christmas, and year end is already upon us. This is the time when lots of us look back and reflect, and make plans for the next year. While I have been doing all that, taking lots of fun courses on skillshare- I have also been working excitedly on 5 new pieces of work to display at Julia Veenstra’s Annual Square Foot Show.

Julia is an local artist whom I admire greatly, and this show is held at her studio in Hamilton. (167 James Street North) On 11.11 I was doing lot’s of reflecting and anticipating the New Year, when this opportunity quite literally came to me. Of course, I jumped at it.

A sneak peek at the tones for this mini collection.

A sneak peek at the tones for this mini collection.

The 5 pieces will be delivered to the Studio this Saturday and I am absolutely in love with each and every one of the 5 I have chosen. I always work on more pieces that I will end up needing so that I can literally choose the ones that are speaking to me the most- to ensure the collection is full of works that I have a strong connection to, and works that compliment each other. The ones that I do not enter into the show, will be be sold here on my website.

The Square Foot Show is just as it sounds. Julia has hand picked artists to be a part of the show, and each artist is to enter 12” x 12” canvas pieces. Each canvas will sell for $250.00. This is phenomenal deal and a chance for people to get really amazing art at a lower, and more affordable price- just in time for the holidays!

The show begins on December 12, for a ticketed event (which is ALREADY sold out- it sold out the day she posted the tickets in fact!) However, the show also runs through to the 15th so if you are local you will have plenty of time to stop by and see these works in person.

I will be aiming to be there on the Thursday Night, and if anything changes I will update you here, and on social media. I would love to see anyone in person that is able to come- and meet some of you lovely supporters, of whom I am so thankful for.

2018 Julia Veenstra - Square Foot Show - Poster-1.jpg

On a side note, regarding Black Friday/Shop Small weekend discounts- I have decided with the Canada Post Strike to not offer any big sales at this time. I had everything ready to offer hefty discounts on my shop- but after thinking it over I have decided to postpone this sale. I want to save everyone the hassle of shipping. (Canada Post has said there looks to be no end in sight for the strike, and that people should stop sending packages to Canada- and vice versa. They have such a long backlog.) I also want to say- I am not saying anything negative regarding Canada Post workers, they have every right to strike and fight for their livelihood. But, shipping rates from other reliable shipping companies will defeat the purpose of me having a sale price on my work.

If and when the strike is over- I will offer the same discount that I was planning on offering. If there is something that you want, or must have from the shop before the holidays, please email me at hello@laurafedorowicz.com and we can arrange different ways of shipping- and I can quote you for another carrier.

All that said- Thank you again for coming along on my vibrant art journey- I am grateful for each and every single one of you!

Lyme: One Year Later

When you’re not well, and you do test after test, after test, and all tests come back “normal” or “within range” you start to lose hope of a diagnosis. Or maybe you do get diagnosed, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, but the treatment doesn’t seem to make a difference in your pain or your ability to function.

After Aubrey was born, my health seemed to get steadily worse. My symptoms were stronger, and I was struggling. My father, who has an excellent mind for research and studies, was trying to figure out something to do to help me. One day, he asked me if I would consider being tested for Lyme Disease. It took me a while to agree, and while I agreed, with my past in the medical community, I assumed it would all come back “normal”. When my family doctor declined to order testing for me, we turned to Igenex in the United States.

The Naturopathic Doctor who ordered my tests- sent my test results to me on a weekend. The weekend before I had a follow up appointment for them to interpret the results to me. I spent a whole weekend (along with my husband) reading the test and “interpreting them” based on my newly acquired Internet knowledge.

By the time the morning of my appointment rolled around I was convinced that my test wasn’t “normal”. But hearing those words from the Naturopathic Doctor was still one of the most intense moments I’ve experienced. In one sense, you’re happy. You have some sort of path- or answers. But on the other hand, this answer- doesn’t make things any easier. In Canada, doctors are slow to diagnose, and hesitant to treat Lyme Disease. What would the next steps be? It took me weeks to get used to the idea of this new diagnosis, and a year into it- I’m not quite sure I’m at the point of acceptance.

The year has been full of ups and downs. Some antibiotics make your body so so much sicker. There have been antibiotics that my body couldn’t tolerate and we had to stop. Some bring new symptoms. I’ve been learning to expect the unexpected. Intermittent hearing loss, numb limbs. Symptoms are different each day. I’ve had to learn to lean on people around me, and be humble enough to ask for help on days when I am actually unable to function. Thank goodness for my husband who is my rock. He’s seen me in my worst moments- and loved me through them. My In-laws have been extremely kind and helpful throughout this whole year, and have really supported me by watching the girls whenever I need the relief.

Where does my art fit into this last year? My art has been a saving grace this last year. While I have not had the energy for some of this year to commit to art, and painting has given way to resting- the second half of this year I have been able to pick it back up slowly but surely, and as always painting helps me say things that otherwise is hard to say. My art is directly tied to my heart, my self worth and my soul. I’m doing a lot of work on my self these days- and art will continue to be a big part of my healing.

So, one year in…years and years to go. I am learning to just think about the day at hand- and not worry about what is coming down the road. I am finding ways to be truly present in my life- although I don’t feel well. I really don’t want to pass life by- just being sick- I want to live my best life. This bug isn’t going away. I’ve got to learn to master it. I've got to be the stronger of the two.

“Courage doesn’t always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, I’ll try again tomorrow
— Mary Anne Radmacher
Hand Made Pop Up

How is it that summer is now officially over? Don’t get me wrong- I am FULLY ready to embrace fall, and all that comes with it, but that. went. fast!

With the beginning of fall comes some exciting news. I have been accepted as a vendor for The Handmade Pop-Up. I have ALWAYS been such a fan of The Handmade Pop-Up initiative. It is run by Grace Gulley of CYL, and Sam from Maker’s Movement. Together they hand select the best artisans from around the world and curate the prettiest shop you ever did see. (I am so flattered to be one of those artists selected for this years market. #grateful)

Not only is this shop a one stop shop for all your holiday gift giving, but it also donates 10% of all the profits to an education fund. You cannot get better than that!

handmade pop up logo.png


Market goes LIVE November 1, 9AM PST

The market will run from November 1 2018 9AM PST and will close November 12 2018 at 11PM PST.

So what do I have planned as products for this market? While I won’t give away all of the details, (what fun would that be) I can disclose that the items featured in this market will be exclusive. The amount of items I have available for sale will also be limited. So when that sale goes live- if you see something you like- for you, or a friend, GRAB IT, DON’T WAIT! You will not find them available for purchase anywhere else.

I am feeling some really beautiful neutrals, lots of movement, yummy brush strokes, and likely some metallic for good measure. I am aiming to have a mix of works on paper, and work on canvas for you to peruse.

I am being secretive, I know! But, don’t despair you can follow along on my instagram and Facebook where I will be sharing some WIP shots, and sneak peeks of the work headed to the market. I cannot wait to share where these pieces are headed.

In the mean time friends, take care of yourselves. Find the beauty in the everyday- in each moment- in the mundane. It’s there- we just need to look for it,



House Beautiful Feature

Have you ever played Cornhole? It is a super popular backyard game, and I must admit, quite addicting. My husband and I recently had a friendly but fierce Cornhole competition at a friends Stag and Doe and we are hooked. So much so, we have ordered our own Cornhole set from Deny Designs. 

So you can imagine I was thrilled when I saw that House Beautiful picked one of my corn hole sets for their article "The 10 Coolest Cornhole Games you can buy." 

Screen Shot 2018-06-22 at 8.30.31 AM.png

Do you have a favourite backyard game? A favourite summer tradition? Fingers crossed we have a beautifully warm summer so we can all get outside and enjoy various activities and capture some Vitamin D. 

Happy Summer Friends

Some Old Fashioned things like fresh air and sunshine are hard to beat.
— Laura Ingalls Wilder
Laura Fedorowicz
Spring Brings New Work

I've got the creative itch again folks. I'm not sure exactly where its leading but I have a mind full of new ideas, and directions. My goal this year is to make art for arts sake. With being chronically ill, I spend a lot of time just managing my medications, listening to my body, trying to rest, not to mention taking care of my beautiful family. I feel like my art time is even MORE precious now. The time is few and far between. I dream of having more energy to create, and maybe I will get there one day. This is not a sad story. This is a story of someone learning how to live again, learning how to embrace new, and becoming an even better version of myself. A better wife, mommy, artist and more importantly a better Laura.

Back to the art folks, I'm showing a little bit of my current direction here, for you lovely folks who follow along with me. These pieces I am showing are currently available for purchase, and if you see something you like don't forget to consider ordering a custom in the size that you need. 

"Because Lollipops" Original on Paper, 8 x 10"


I am so feeling the calling for more simplistic works, with shapes abounding. I have an obsession with shapes in my mind, and I haven't quite figured out what that is about...but thats the journey right?

"Heart Spiral" Original on Paper, 8 x 10"

Heart Spiral Gold Frame.jpg

Those polka-dots, and dots will likely be a big part of my next works. The simple act of repetitive marks like that has a very distinct therapeutic feeling, and I can also finalize works like this in bed, so rest and art all in one. 

So, friends, I have been quiet for a while, but you can expect that I'll be around, creating, and adding more color into the world day by day. 

Thank you for being here, and for supporting me and my family. Artwork is my way of supporting my family as well as the best therapy ever. 


"Some people say you shouldn't share your life story when running your business. I call bullshit. My journey is my art. My collectors are people who understand hardship and the journey. My collectors know that working to improve yourself and your world is a daily task, and one that is deliberate and meaningful. We all have our struggles, it is what we do with them that really counts. So I shall share, and hopefully someone else will feel less alone"
Laura Fedorowicz
Exclusive to Maple Studio

Hey Friends, 

Maple Studio was founded on the desire to help expose some of the hidden talent bombs living around the globe. 
They are committed to growing their international visibility and identity and connecting the public with awesome, hand-picked art.

I am just so thrilled to let you know that some of my bright artwork is now available through Maple Studio. 

"Connecting people with brilliant art."

I have 3 new pieces which are available through Maple Studio Exclusively. 

"Second Glance" 

It's funny what you notice, at second glance. Layers upon layers of movement, and energy reveal themselves throughout this vibrant piece. The eye catching blues and greens are offset by lovely clean white, and soothing greys. 

"Sunday Skies"

That feeling of peace and comfort after a day well spent doing things you love. Swooping soft tones offsetting brighter more energetic brushstrokes create a balanced visual, and speaks to the energy that comes from a day well spent.

"Unicorn Tale" 

Our dreams have their own colors and energies. Vibrant, obvious brushstrokes, and different directions in this piece are just like your dreams and goals. Each unique in their own right. Where better than to place your dreams than right where you can see them, in this vibrant piece of abstract art. 

These pieces are available as prints, framed prints and as canvas prints. Maple Studios commitment to customer service and high quality is one of the reasons I am so happy to announce our partnership.