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Laura Fedorowicz is a wife, and stay at home mom to 2 little girls, living in Burlington, Ontario Canada. An abstract artist with a passion for interior design, bright colours, pugs and pizza. She believes that art heals, and that small moments of reflection and calm can be created in your world by surrounding yourself with beautiful art, and accessories. 




Laura’s journey with art started at a young age, she can remember being passionate about design, and color very early on. In high school she utilized her art as therapy to work through several severely traumatizing events from her childhood. Art was then, and still is an escape, and she was encouraged by supportive parents to turn her passion into an outlet.

After achieving her Bachelor Degree in Environmental Design from Ontario College of Art and Design in Toronto, Laura worked as a high volume retail manager for 10 years. Life got busy and creating unfortunately got pushed to the side. 

In 2010 Laura began to struggle with undiagnosed chronic pain. These symptoms ultimately were diagnosed as fibromyalgia , and life continued. Different treatments and medications didn’t seem to eleviate Laura’s pain and she continually struggled to find answers. 

After having her first child in August of 2014 she found herself with extra time at home and pulled out her paints again and hasn’t looked back since. Creating every day she found her niche in creating Enthusiastically Bright Art and Designs. Preferring to create using Acrylic paint, and dabbling in mixed media, her goal is to continue to add beauty to the world through art.

In September 2017 results of a Lyme and co-infections test came back positive, and shed some light on her continued symptoms. With a diagnosis of Chronic Lyme and Babesia Laura began treatment in October 2017. Treatment continues and creates a multitude of other symptoms and challenges. Staying at home with her girls, and harnessing her passion for art into a business Laura is able to find a balance where she can help to provide for her family, and also continue to focus on her health and wellness.

 Laura strongly believes that art is therapy and a needed addition to peoples lives in a world that is often confusing and overwhelming. She paints the world that she wants to live in, that she wants her young girls to grow up in. 

Passionate about creating bright abstracts and patterns, and with a focus on custom work and product design you can now find Laura Fedorowicz's work on several different retail sites, and in homes around the US and Canada.

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