Spring Brings New Work

I've got the creative itch again folks. I'm not sure exactly where its leading but I have a mind full of new ideas, and directions. My goal this year is to make art for arts sake. With being chronically ill, I spend a lot of time just managing my medications, listening to my body, trying to rest, not to mention taking care of my beautiful family. I feel like my art time is even MORE precious now. The time is few and far between. I dream of having more energy to create, and maybe I will get there one day. This is not a sad story. This is a story of someone learning how to live again, learning how to embrace new, and becoming an even better version of myself. A better wife, mommy, artist and more importantly a better Laura.

Back to the art folks, I'm showing a little bit of my current direction here, for you lovely folks who follow along with me. These pieces I am showing are currently available for purchase, and if you see something you like don't forget to consider ordering a custom in the size that you need. 

"Because Lollipops" Original on Paper, 8 x 10"


I am so feeling the calling for more simplistic works, with shapes abounding. I have an obsession with shapes in my mind, and I haven't quite figured out what that is about...but thats the journey right?

"Heart Spiral" Original on Paper, 8 x 10"

Heart Spiral Gold Frame.jpg

Those polka-dots, and dots will likely be a big part of my next works. The simple act of repetitive marks like that has a very distinct therapeutic feeling, and I can also finalize works like this in bed, so rest and art all in one. 

So, friends, I have been quiet for a while, but you can expect that I'll be around, creating, and adding more color into the world day by day. 

Thank you for being here, and for supporting me and my family. Artwork is my way of supporting my family as well as the best therapy ever. 


"Some people say you shouldn't share your life story when running your business. I call bullshit. My journey is my art. My collectors are people who understand hardship and the journey. My collectors know that working to improve yourself and your world is a daily task, and one that is deliberate and meaningful. We all have our struggles, it is what we do with them that really counts. So I shall share, and hopefully someone else will feel less alone"
Laura Fedorowicz