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Why Skillshare Is Top-Notch For Online Art & Crafts Classes

Hey Friends,

I saw this quote the other day and it resonated with me.  I knew I had to share it with you.

“The whole culture is telling you to hurry, while the art tells you to take your time. Always listen to the art.” ~Junot Diaz

Life is so busy, isn’t it?  Each day races by, full of tasks of either, and suddenly you realize you have done nothing for yourself in weeks!  

We’re inspired by the surrounding beauty, yet we often fail to take the time to literally and figuratively smell the roses.  Confession:  I’d been feeling this way on and off the entire summer.

Before sending Kenley into JK this fall, we enjoyed time together, along with getting everything she needs, purchased and organized, to help this momma can feel like her girl is heading into school set up for success.  Also, I can’t forget Aubrey either. The poor thing has been teething badly and getting molars and a few others at the same time.

Yet the desire to do something for myself - to continue to grow and stretch my knowledge and capability isn’t new.  It’s something I always crave, but the commitment to make it a priority to learning and stretching is what has changed.

I looked around to see what would make this possible. The criterion was long, but it had to:

  • Peak my interest;

  • Something I could do from the comfort of my home (online art classes anyone?); and

  • Something I could do at my pace.

As a chronic illness warrior, it’s imperative that I am able to work at my pace. I never know which days I will have the energy or certain physical capabilities.

I realized this criterion would also apply to so many of you!  The proverbial hands on the clock roll around faster and faster these days. No kids and no pets?  Life is still so busy.

Yet with Kenley’s new adventure with school, it reminds me of how fun and uplifting it is to dig into a new arts and crafts project.  Do you remember that feeling? I always enjoyed being able to get my explore colors, textures, and mediums to create my unique masterpieces. Is there anything as satisfying as creating something from scratch?     

We still have an innate need to create, explore, and try new things.  A day in/day out routine can make us feel ho-hum.  What better way to spread a little sunshine in our lives than online art and craft classes for adults!

Why Creativity Is Beneficial

Explore New Things

One of the best ways to explore new things is through creativity!  There are tons of art projects and techniques I bet you would love to try!  

I know my art “to-do” list is filled with tons of them!

As the holidays approach and the weather changes, finding fun crafts to make with the kiddos is a special way to spend time with them and create memories they’ll take with them forever.  

Allow Us To Unplug & Unwind

Arts and crafts allow us to unplug from our ever-increasing online world.  It’s easy to spend more time than intended with needless scrolling on our phones or other electronic devices.  

In nurturing our creativity we allow both self-expression and self-awareness through tuning inward to choose that which appeals to our senses.  The clock fades from our thoughts and its hold on us.  

They also give us a much-needed break from our steady stream of thoughts like:

  • What are you going to have for dinner?

  • I should drink more water.

  • Did I let the dog in?

  • Why didn’t I start this sooner?

  • How long do I have before I need to pick up the kids from school?

  • I should call my mom soon

The list literally is never ending!


Art As Therapy

I firmly believe art heals.  As shared in My Story, I have used my art as therapy to work through several severely traumatizing events from childhood. Art was then and still is an escape. It was through my encouraging, supportive parents to turn my passion for design and obsession with color into an outlet.

It’s proven that art is beneficial to manage stress and practice self-care.

According to the article, The Healing Power of Art, Harvard Health Publishing states, “Studies have shown that expressing themselves through art can help people with depression, anxiety, or cancer, too. And doing so has been linked to improved memory, reasoning, and resilience in healthy older people.”

It’s proof of what we already know, isn’t it?  We feel better when we explore creative outlets including arts and crafts.  I know I do!  

(Ps. You can right click and download this baby for your desktop or mobile)

(Ps. You can right click and download this baby for your desktop or mobile)

Benefits of Skillshare Classes

When reminded of SkillShare by a friend, I was super excited! (I mean I have heard of Skillshare. Most folks have.) But had I ever really checked it out? Not completely.  

After analyzing Skillshare’s classes and technology, knowing this was precisely what I needed to stretch and challenge myself.  I know it will help me maintain the precarious and ever-changing balance of life.

Skillshare has a deep catalog of creative classes to satisfy your much needed “me-time.”  Whether you’re a busy mom, entrepreneur, or need to practice self-care, Skillshare has classes to scratch the creative itch!  

What is wonderful about Skillshare (there are so many things) is that if you sign up through my affiliate link, Skillshare will give you 2 free month of classes!

Looking for online classes for beginners, have you always wanted to take acrylic painting classes, sewing classes?  

Look no further, my friends!  

Let’s Take A Sneak-Peak At What You Can Expect With Skillshare

Types Of Classes

Skillshare offers a variety of creative, lifestyle (crafts included!), business, and technology classes.

  • Creative Classes:  Animation, Film Production, Fine Art, Graphic Design, Illustration, Music Production, Photography, UI/UX Design, and Writing

  • Lifestyle Classes:  Crafts and Culinary

  • Business Classes:  Accounting, Business Analytics, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Freelance, Leadership, Management, Marketing, and Productivity.

  • Technology Classes:  Date Science, Mobile Development, Production Management, and Web Development

Popular Skills

Popular Skills in the Fine Art Category include:  Art, Illustration, Creative, Painting, Visual Arts, Sketchbook, Watercolors, Drawing, and Sketching.

Skills in the Crafts Category include:  Art, Jewelry, Creativity, Jewelry Design, Painting, DIY, Knitting, Sewing, Fine Art, and Lifestyle

Don’t Let This Opportunity To Learn A New Skill Pass You By!

If you enjoy learning, creating art, or making crafts you’ll find Skillshare’s classes the perfect creative outlet.  

You’ll always have tasks to do and errands to run, but only you can make time for self-care and fun.  And you know what - you deserve it!

Join Skillshare now to claim your 2 Free Months of Classes!

What classes are you wanting to explore?