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Big Thoughts before Big Moves

I have been painting a lot lately. I am blessed to have been able to put Aubrey in daycare, three days a week now, and so certainly that has freed up more time to be me again, and more time to paint. Aubrey is absolutely loving daycare and so that warms my heart. She has made friends, loves her teachers and is settling in well.

As I sit down to write this- I actually am at a loss for words. I figure that sitting in front of my computer and getting this all out as honestly as possible will put this period of flux to good use, and will kind of give whomever wishes to follow along and read this a little glimpse into my headspace.


My business is at a point where I either choose to start playing big and making some scary moves, or risk losing the momentum that I have gained. This is a good problem to have. I am so grateful to have this problem, or to be faced with this reality. I am NOT here to whine about it. What it is, is scary.

So far, my momentum has come from my designs for Third Party Companies. My cellphone cases are rocking it, and I couldn’t be more proud, and my Deny Designs work has landed in some pretty amazing places. I never would have imagined being here when I first started an art challenge in 2014 on Instagram, and sharing my albeit beginner pieces. I am thankful for those of you who remember when I started- lots of you have been around since those days.

What is scary about growth? Well, lots of things. This is where we know doubt will enter. Inevitably before you make those big moves your thoughts will try and talk you out of it. I am not talking about wisely weighting the pros, and cons. I am talking about pesky doubt that says- the momentum will stop, and then you will be out cash you are no longer making. (read, I have a family to help support, and momentum stopping would be so life changing to my little family so that fear is grounded in truth)

This is where you say to yourself, well yes, your Design work has taken off, but you don’t sell original artwork very well. I am sharing this with you- because it’s true. My heart yearns to sell my original works a lot more than I do. Design work fits really well into my life right now. It is easier for me to handle (no shipping, and wrapping etc) and with the illness, and recovery in full force- it works. But you can’t stop your heart from dreaming of the day when people will purchase your new original works, and will be proud to display them in their homes. Yes, do I sell original art? I do. I really do. But the sales are few and far between, and I know that this is the reality for lots of artists. It takes years and years of building in order to be able to grow your audience and up the demand for your work. I don’t pretend to be in the expert stage of this art journey- in fact I still consider myself to be in the beginning stages. BUT the dream is still there. I know that art is a nice to have, and that lots of people would lots to purchase original artwork but that it actually isn’t possible to spend the money in that way. I get it. There are always purchases that will have to come before art- even if you REALLY want to buy. In no way do I want this to come out as a “BUY MY ART” because that is not what this is. I get it. It’s just one of the scary doubts that comes into play before actually committing to take the next steps, and overcoming fear and going all in.

This monetary issue is part of the reason that I have chosen to sell my art/designs through third party vendors. (Who have good quality product, whose values I can stand beside) It makes my art, available through different price points so that people who want a piece of my art, or who appreciate the idea that art can brighten your day, and small moments of brightness can help you lead a happier or more peaceful life. It allows you to infuse art into your daily life in bits and pieces but for those bits and pieces to count. I am so grateful to have those outlets to license my work through, and grateful to all of you for supporting me in those ways as well.

Rose Garden 2.jpg
Tumble Home.jpg

I have largely been inside my head this last little while, trying to figure out just how big to play, and what the next steps are. My heart has been calling me to create on canvas, and on paper, in ways that I will offer as Original Pieces. They may take years to sell, or they may never sell, but I will always follow my heart and soul and do what they are guiding me towards. It may take time but I will figure out this journey of mine one step at a time.

Mostly I just want to thank everyone for being here for this journey. Every single like on my posts, or comment on my posts, makes a big difference in the visibility of my account, and thus my ability to reach my artwork further into the world and into peoples lives. This is what it is all about. If the sales were to disappear completely- I would be fine. I love my art, I love the path of starting messy, and not knowing where you will end up, and working it and working it. Then saying- oh this is awful. Then buckling down and working some more. Then magically almost as if out of nowhere (except you worked really hard for this out of nowhere) things fall into place and you see why you just went through all that you did. Such is the way- in art, and in life, and while I have no idea really where I am headed- I am immersing myself in the journey. Big things, little things. Life is magic, and I am blessed.

Spring Update

Is it actually spring yet?

I know that I am totally early for declaring Spring here, seeing as we normally see a snow fall in April in Canada, but I cannot help but cling to the songs of the birds, and the brighter sun, and longer days and embrace everything that comes with the softness and newness of spring.


So what is new here? What can you expect from me in the next little while? First let me share some great news with you. Laura Fedorowicz is now a full fledged profitable business for me and my little family. We recently went ahead and made things totally official, and Incorporated. Our full business operating name is Laura Fedorowicz Creative Inc.

There are lots of big plans for this business as we go along here, obviously sticking to what we know best- which is light + bright art, and art design to beautify every day accessories. We will be expanding our product offerings through third party websites, so you will continue to see fresh new designs through Deny Designs, Casetify, Society 6 etc.

I have a rumbling of interest in learning/experimenting with pattern making, and more digital art offerings, so I will be dipping my toe in the water here, and taking some online courses in this area. There is nothing I love more than trying to tackle something new.

Another big goal is to GO BIG. For a long time now, I have been sticking to small scale art. This has worked for me and my business in so many ways. Working small has allowed me to honour my body and my need for rest and comfort during this Lyme treatment period. It is easier for storage in the studio, and obviously easier for shipping. I have heard you asking for bigger art offerings, and I am going to deliver. This will apply to print offerings as well, but also ORIGINAL art. I will be taking a leap of faith and creating larger canvas’ and originals on paper, and I am so grateful to have received your feedback on this, and for your patience as I stayed small for this time period.

Light + Bright Ambassadors

Do you feel like you would like to be a part of this business? Do you love the artwork you see here? I have opened up an ambassador program in which, you will be able to pick and receive Laura Fedorowicz Prints (before they become available to anyone else) throughout the year, no cost to you, in exchange for providing us with light + bright images of this artwork in your spaces. You can style it in anyway that is suits your space, and we will use these images on our social media. This is an opportunity to share your skills, get free artwork (how easy will it be to update your decor during the changing of the seasons) and get some traffic to your own social media channels as you will be tagged in our posts.

If you are interested in applying please email us at with why you would be a good fit for this program, links to your own social media, and a blurb about why you think you are a good fit for everything this brand stands for. We cannot wait to work with you!


You saw me dabbling in some abstract florals a bit earlier on in the year, and I cannot wait to get back to those. Your feedback was incredible on this new direction and I cannot wait to get going in the studio on more of these as we get longer sun, and the real plants and florals start to bloom outside. (Hello Peonies!)

A Love Thing Kitchen.jpg


I have some fun and exciting collaborations coming through the pipeline this Spring and Summer and I cannot wait to share these with you as they become available. Any collaborations that I enter into will continue with the empowerment, health, beauty and self love personal values that are SO near and dear to me.


I will be blogging more about my journey with overall health and Lyme treatment. It is becoming more and more important for me to share my journey with others, and I truly feel like I am blessed with this Chronic Illness as it has pushed me to the edge and brought me a whole new perspective and sense of being. I will be separating these health posts from my normal art blog posts so that you can read them if you so choose- or you can stick to just following the art updates.

A Big Thank You

I want to take a moment to thank all of you for traveling along this journey with me. Whether you have been here for a while, or are just joining me- I am grateful. Whether you like my instagram posts, or whether you invest in me by purchasing from me directly or through my third party vendors I want you to know that by doing so YOU are making a HUGE impact on the my life, but more importantly on my family. Becoming a profitable business means I can provide fun activities and programs for my girls, I can afford my massive supplement and Lyme treatment bills…you get the picture. Each purchase, or share, or like, makes a big difference in our lives.

If you are just starting out in your own creative business, I want to offer some encouragement. When I first started sharing my art on instagram - I had no idea how to use instagram. I didn’t even use hashtags I just wanted to share my art. Start small, make goals, and most importantly keep at it. You never know which piece of work will garner you a jump into the profitable side of the art business. Be true to yourself, and keep your head held high. Do the work, and believe in yourself.

Why Skillshare Is Top-Notch For Online Art & Crafts Classes

Hey Friends,

I saw this quote the other day and it resonated with me.  I knew I had to share it with you.

“The whole culture is telling you to hurry, while the art tells you to take your time. Always listen to the art.” ~Junot Diaz

Life is so busy, isn’t it?  Each day races by, full of tasks of either, and suddenly you realize you have done nothing for yourself in weeks!  

We’re inspired by the surrounding beauty, yet we often fail to take the time to literally and figuratively smell the roses.  Confession:  I’d been feeling this way on and off the entire summer.

Before sending Kenley into JK this fall, we enjoyed time together, along with getting everything she needs, purchased and organized, to help this momma can feel like her girl is heading into school set up for success.  Also, I can’t forget Aubrey either. The poor thing has been teething badly and getting molars and a few others at the same time.

Yet the desire to do something for myself - to continue to grow and stretch my knowledge and capability isn’t new.  It’s something I always crave, but the commitment to make it a priority to learning and stretching is what has changed.

I looked around to see what would make this possible. The criterion was long, but it had to:

  • Peak my interest;

  • Something I could do from the comfort of my home (online art classes anyone?); and

  • Something I could do at my pace.

As a chronic illness warrior, it’s imperative that I am able to work at my pace. I never know which days I will have the energy or certain physical capabilities.

I realized this criterion would also apply to so many of you!  The proverbial hands on the clock roll around faster and faster these days. No kids and no pets?  Life is still so busy.

Yet with Kenley’s new adventure with school, it reminds me of how fun and uplifting it is to dig into a new arts and crafts project.  Do you remember that feeling? I always enjoyed being able to get my explore colors, textures, and mediums to create my unique masterpieces. Is there anything as satisfying as creating something from scratch?     

We still have an innate need to create, explore, and try new things.  A day in/day out routine can make us feel ho-hum.  What better way to spread a little sunshine in our lives than online art and craft classes for adults!

Why Creativity Is Beneficial

Explore New Things

One of the best ways to explore new things is through creativity!  There are tons of art projects and techniques I bet you would love to try!  

I know my art “to-do” list is filled with tons of them!

As the holidays approach and the weather changes, finding fun crafts to make with the kiddos is a special way to spend time with them and create memories they’ll take with them forever.  

Allow Us To Unplug & Unwind

Arts and crafts allow us to unplug from our ever-increasing online world.  It’s easy to spend more time than intended with needless scrolling on our phones or other electronic devices.  

In nurturing our creativity we allow both self-expression and self-awareness through tuning inward to choose that which appeals to our senses.  The clock fades from our thoughts and its hold on us.  

They also give us a much-needed break from our steady stream of thoughts like:

  • What are you going to have for dinner?

  • I should drink more water.

  • Did I let the dog in?

  • Why didn’t I start this sooner?

  • How long do I have before I need to pick up the kids from school?

  • I should call my mom soon

The list literally is never ending!


Art As Therapy

I firmly believe art heals.  As shared in My Story, I have used my art as therapy to work through several severely traumatizing events from childhood. Art was then and still is an escape. It was through my encouraging, supportive parents to turn my passion for design and obsession with color into an outlet.

It’s proven that art is beneficial to manage stress and practice self-care.

According to the article, The Healing Power of Art, Harvard Health Publishing states, “Studies have shown that expressing themselves through art can help people with depression, anxiety, or cancer, too. And doing so has been linked to improved memory, reasoning, and resilience in healthy older people.”

It’s proof of what we already know, isn’t it?  We feel better when we explore creative outlets including arts and crafts.  I know I do!  

(Ps. You can right click and download this baby for your desktop or mobile)

(Ps. You can right click and download this baby for your desktop or mobile)

Benefits of Skillshare Classes

When reminded of SkillShare by a friend, I was super excited! (I mean I have heard of Skillshare. Most folks have.) But had I ever really checked it out? Not completely.  

After analyzing Skillshare’s classes and technology, knowing this was precisely what I needed to stretch and challenge myself.  I know it will help me maintain the precarious and ever-changing balance of life.

Skillshare has a deep catalog of creative classes to satisfy your much needed “me-time.”  Whether you’re a busy mom, entrepreneur, or need to practice self-care, Skillshare has classes to scratch the creative itch!  

What is wonderful about Skillshare (there are so many things) is that if you sign up through my affiliate link, Skillshare will give you 2 free month of classes!

Looking for online classes for beginners, have you always wanted to take acrylic painting classes, sewing classes?  

Look no further, my friends!  

Let’s Take A Sneak-Peak At What You Can Expect With Skillshare

Types Of Classes

Skillshare offers a variety of creative, lifestyle (crafts included!), business, and technology classes.

  • Creative Classes:  Animation, Film Production, Fine Art, Graphic Design, Illustration, Music Production, Photography, UI/UX Design, and Writing

  • Lifestyle Classes:  Crafts and Culinary

  • Business Classes:  Accounting, Business Analytics, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Freelance, Leadership, Management, Marketing, and Productivity.

  • Technology Classes:  Date Science, Mobile Development, Production Management, and Web Development

Popular Skills

Popular Skills in the Fine Art Category include:  Art, Illustration, Creative, Painting, Visual Arts, Sketchbook, Watercolors, Drawing, and Sketching.

Skills in the Crafts Category include:  Art, Jewelry, Creativity, Jewelry Design, Painting, DIY, Knitting, Sewing, Fine Art, and Lifestyle

Don’t Let This Opportunity To Learn A New Skill Pass You By!

If you enjoy learning, creating art, or making crafts you’ll find Skillshare’s classes the perfect creative outlet.  

You’ll always have tasks to do and errands to run, but only you can make time for self-care and fun.  And you know what - you deserve it!

Join Skillshare now to claim your 2 Free Months of Classes!

What classes are you wanting to explore?



Lyme: One Year Later

When you’re not well, and you do test after test, after test, and all tests come back “normal” or “within range” you start to lose hope of a diagnosis. Or maybe you do get diagnosed, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, but the treatment doesn’t seem to make a difference in your pain or your ability to function.

After Aubrey was born, my health seemed to get steadily worse. My symptoms were stronger, and I was struggling. My father, who has an excellent mind for research and studies, was trying to figure out something to do to help me. One day, he asked me if I would consider being tested for Lyme Disease. It took me a while to agree, and while I agreed, with my past in the medical community, I assumed it would all come back “normal”. When my family doctor declined to order testing for me, we turned to Igenex in the United States.

The Naturopathic Doctor who ordered my tests- sent my test results to me on a weekend. The weekend before I had a follow up appointment for them to interpret the results to me. I spent a whole weekend (along with my husband) reading the test and “interpreting them” based on my newly acquired Internet knowledge.

By the time the morning of my appointment rolled around I was convinced that my test wasn’t “normal”. But hearing those words from the Naturopathic Doctor was still one of the most intense moments I’ve experienced. In one sense, you’re happy. You have some sort of path- or answers. But on the other hand, this answer- doesn’t make things any easier. In Canada, doctors are slow to diagnose, and hesitant to treat Lyme Disease. What would the next steps be? It took me weeks to get used to the idea of this new diagnosis, and a year into it- I’m not quite sure I’m at the point of acceptance.

The year has been full of ups and downs. Some antibiotics make your body so so much sicker. There have been antibiotics that my body couldn’t tolerate and we had to stop. Some bring new symptoms. I’ve been learning to expect the unexpected. Intermittent hearing loss, numb limbs. Symptoms are different each day. I’ve had to learn to lean on people around me, and be humble enough to ask for help on days when I am actually unable to function. Thank goodness for my husband who is my rock. He’s seen me in my worst moments- and loved me through them. My In-laws have been extremely kind and helpful throughout this whole year, and have really supported me by watching the girls whenever I need the relief.

Where does my art fit into this last year? My art has been a saving grace this last year. While I have not had the energy for some of this year to commit to art, and painting has given way to resting- the second half of this year I have been able to pick it back up slowly but surely, and as always painting helps me say things that otherwise is hard to say. My art is directly tied to my heart, my self worth and my soul. I’m doing a lot of work on my self these days- and art will continue to be a big part of my healing.

So, one year in…years and years to go. I am learning to just think about the day at hand- and not worry about what is coming down the road. I am finding ways to be truly present in my life- although I don’t feel well. I really don’t want to pass life by- just being sick- I want to live my best life. This bug isn’t going away. I’ve got to learn to master it. I've got to be the stronger of the two.

“Courage doesn’t always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, I’ll try again tomorrow
— Mary Anne Radmacher